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     Concrete Fire Pits and planters are a specialty at Drymala Concrete Products. We have added new and exciting designs and colors to our concrete planter line to suit your commercial, residential or decorative needs for indoor or outdoor living. Our concrete planters are designed to last more than a lifetime functioning as elegant showpieces or permanent barriers providing privacy and safety. 

Concrete fire pits and planters are a specialty of Drymala Concrete Products. We added a new direction and started selling vidalista 20mg, which we can read more about on this website.


     Drymala Concrete Products introduces "The Texas Times Collection" of our concrete planters featuring three new planter series.


     First, we have "The Texas Frontier Series " of our timeless pieces: The Liberty Well, Whiskey Barrel, Gold Cannon, Flour Box, and the Winchester.


    Next we present "The Texas Black Gold  Rush Series " with our new innovative and contemporary styles: The Cotulla, Cotulla Alto, Three Rivers, The Charlotte, Christine, Ichtus, and the Yorktown. This series pays homage to the current day Texas oil boom.


    Finally, we offer "The Texas Gold Rush Series" which highlights our classic and elegant pedestal concrete planters which are The Van Horn, Presidio, Rio Grande, Bastrop and The Hazel.


    Our concrete planters come in new colors including our Texas Tea Black, Blue Water, Coastal Wheat, Acorn, Powder Keg Brown, Cedar Chest Red, Copper Penny, or Patina Green.


    We have the most innovative concrete planters with stylish geometric designs, classic pedestal pieces and whimsical garden and patio styles. To place your concrete planter order, please call Steve Drymala at: (830) 459-4039.

The Texas Frontier Series

The  Liberty Well 

The Liberty Well is a smooth sleek concrete planter

Small                                Medium                                Large

Height        20"                Height       22"                     Height        22"

Diameter    4'                   Diameter    6'                       Diameter    8'

Weight        1,200 lbs       Weight        2,600 lbs           Weight        4,600 lbs

Shown in "Texas Tea Black"


The Whiskey Barrel

The Whiskey Barrel is a fluted round concrete planter

Height    23"

Width     38"

Weight   600 lbs

Shown in "Blue Water" 

The Gold Cannon

The Gold Cannon is a hexagon planter with a built in base

Small                                Medium

Height    13"                    Height    18"

Width     16"                    Width     24"

Weight    100 lbs              Weight    300 lbs

Shown in "Cedar Chest Red"

The Flour Box

The Flower Box is a rectangular planter with our smooth signature sleek finish.

Available in seven (7) sizes:

1. Height    17"    Width    18"    Length    48"        Weight    500 lbs

2. Height    18"    Width    34"    Length    72"        Weight    1,400 lbs

3. Height    16"    Width    24"    Length    96"        Weight    1,340 lbs

4. Height    16"    Width    32"    Length    96"        Weight    1,680 lbs

5. Height    24"    Width    40"    Length    96"        Weight    2,800 lbs

6. Height    22"    Width    48"    Length    108"      Weight    3,200 lbs

7. Height    18"    Width    84"    Length    120"      Weight    4,500 lbs

Shown in "Patina Green"


The Winchester

The Winchester is a classic square concrete planter.

Available in four (4) sizes.

1. Height    12"    Width    18"    Weight    100 lbs

2. Height    15"    Width    22"    Weight    225 lbs

3. Height    22"    Width    36"    Weight    900 lbs

4. Height    22"    Width    48"    Weight    1,500 lbs

Shown in "Cedar Chest Red"



The Texas Black Gold Rush Series

The Cotulla

The Cotulla has a shell and scalloped top edge design.

The small size Cotulla is available with a top flat edge.


Small                                                        Medium

Height    20"                                            Height    23"

Width     30"                                            Width     44"

Weight    320 lbs                                      Weight    450 lbs

Shown in "Copper Penny"



The Cotulla Alto

The Cotulla Alto has a tall cylindrical body with a shell and scalloped top edge.

Height    30"

Width     36"

Weight    520 lbs

Shown in "Copper Penny" 



Three Rivers

The Three Rivers is a three sided planter with squared corners.

Height    35"

Width     29"

Weight    475 lbs

Shown in "Coastal Wheat"

The Charlotte

The Charlotte is a blooming convex hexagon planter.

Height    21"

Width     31"

Weight    300 lbs

Shown in "Blue Water"

The Christine

The Christine is an inverted triangular concave planter with squared corners.

Height    26"

Width    30"

Weight  300 lbs

Shown in "Patina Green"


The Ichthus

The Ichthus is an elliptical shaped planter.

Height    18"

Width     48"

Weight   550 lbs

Shown with Sandblasted Finish


The Yorktown

The Yorktown planter has a square concave design.

Height    24"

Width     27"

Weight    320 lbs

Shown in "Cedar Chest Red" 

 The Texas Gold Rush Series

The Van Horn

The Van Horn is a hexagon pedestal planter.

Height    40"

Width     33"

Weight    560 lbs

Shown in "Copper Penny"  

under construction

The Rio Grande

The Bastrop


Elliptical Planter

Two Sizes available

The Hazel