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Plant: 195 Sutherland Lane East, Kerrville, Texas 78028. Please send all mail correspondence to our office: 7115 State Highway 27, Comfort, Texas 78013. www.drymalaconcreteproducts.gmail.com.

Water Troughs, Planters, Table Sets, Benches, A/C Pads, Feed Bunks

Steve Drymala (830) 459-4039

195 Sutherland Ln. East, Kerrville, Texas 78028


Plant Location: 195 Sutherland Lane East, Kerrville, Texas 78028 off Highway 27
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Steve Drymala (830) 459-4039
Concrete Table Sets, Benches Made ADA Accessible
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Concrete Table Sets Unique Designs ADA Accessible
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Fire Pits New! Cypress Spoon 830 459 4039
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Delivery available in TX and USA 830 459 4039
Table Sets ADA Accessible. Delivery Available! 830-459-4039
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Do your water troughs look like this? Rusty wire loops that poke out of the top of the trough edge, cause serious compromise, breakage and will completely detriorate. A competitor's trough pictured here is brand new. Drymala troughs are all made with stainless steel cable loops cast into the floor for safety, handling and endurance. Our troughs are made with 5000 psi concrete, poured in a one piece mold, upside down and externally vibrated. This process results in our signature sleek, smooth finish inside and out, for ease of cleaning, long product life, superior in asethics, strength and durability. There is no comparison to a Drymala Trough. Call or Text: Steve Drymala (830) 459-4039.
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The Christine Texas Gold Rush Series
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The Charlotte stained in Blue Water
Steve Drymala (830) 459-4039
Custom Designer Base for Fountains, Fire Pits and More